After playing tennis for a while as a beginner, there comes a time when you have to advance to the next level. Maybe you can make powerful shots and slowly developing steady swings. All you need then is to master control in your game. At the intermediate level, the beginner’s racquet can’t provide good performances; you need the best tennis racquet for intermediate players. If you are hunting for the best racquets to suit you then we’ve dug deep into the field and made a list. So whether you are advancing from beginner to intermediate or you have played a while as an intermediate, then this review fits you. Here are our top-performing racquets designed to provide fine performance to intermediate players.

Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players Review

Prince Textreme Warrior 100T

The Prince Textreme Warrior 100T is the racket constructed to suit the smooth play by an intermediate player. To begin with, its open string pattern of 16 x 18 provides more power in each shot of the ball. From its 100sq inch midplus head size, you realize it’s neither too oversized nor unforgiving. In other words, it’s just the racket size that most intermediate players require since it balances power and control.

Since a racquet’s grip determines the feel and ease of playing, this Prince Textreme Warrior 100T features the standard racquet handle size of 4 ¼ inches. Thus to the ordinary man of standard hands size, this racket gives a good fit. The strung weight of the tennis equipment is 10.3 ounces (292g).

The racquet is not only light but also balanced in a way as to feel light in the head. With the balance of 3 points headlight, this tennis racket feels light to the arms. Besides, the light racket head means increased maneuverability and fast swings.


  • Support swift swings
  • Ejects more power on each shot
  • Less strain and fatigue on the arms
  • Good control


  • Poor performance for volleying

Babolat 2018 Pure Aero

The Babolat 2018 pure aero is the racquet that targets the advanced and intermediate players. Its quality in performance is assured since it has been endorsed by Raphael Nadal. Even though this racquet has been constructed to provide good comfort and control, it provides superior spin performances.

At the heart of the racquets is the top quality strings provided by USRSA Master Racquet Technicians. When combined with its open string pattern featuring the frame string interaction technology, you get the racquet that supports swift serves and heavy hits.

From the package, the racquet features the default string tension of 55lbs and the comfortable grip size of 4 3/8 inches. When you consider the strung weight of 11.3ounces, you appreciate its light enough for an intermediate player.


  • Has a lightweight
  • Provide a good balance of power, control, and spin in its design
  • Top-quality racquet


  • Unfortunately, the racquet is available in very limited color variety

Babolat-Pure Strike 100

When looking for top tennis rackets with good control for intermediate players, then consider the Babolat- pure strike 100. With a top-quality string bed that features synthetic gut material, it sets the ground for a stable play. Also, the strings have been arranged in an open string pattern of 16 x 19. The string bed is of low density and thus improves the power, stability, and precision of the racquet.

As for the frame composition, it features the quality graphite material. Besides the hybrid frame blends elliptical with square shapes and therefore improving the power and stability of the racket. Besides, the frame has been made thick at key positions to give the Babolat skin feels type.

On top of the grip size handle of 4 3/8, this Babolat racket weighs only 11.1ounces. The weight distribution places more mass on the handle than the head, therefore making it 4 points headlight. Overall it’s one of the best tennis racquets for intermediate players either transition from the beginner’s level or moving to the advanced level.


  • Adequate power even from the baseline
  • Quality gut string material
  • Has enhanced control and precision
  • Provide the balance of feel, power, and control


  • High price tag thus suits mostly the regular players

HEAD Graphene Extreme MP

The famous HEAD this time provides an all-round tennis racquet at the budget-friendly price. Featuring the midplus head size it provides the best playing equipment for a beginner advancing to the intermediate stage. Its 100sq inches head size balances power and control, thus making it an all-court racquet.

For the player graduating from the beginner stage to the intermediate level, the large frame and the 11.1ounce strung weight is ideal. On the midplus head size, it has an open string bed of 16 x 19. That’s an excellent combination for the player who is just mastering on getting the consistent right hit on the sweet spot.

The synthetic gut strings have been tuned to mid tension, therefore come ready to use from its package. Although it weighs 11.1ounces, it combines weight and balance in the perfect ratio to feel maneuverable. Do you have large hands? Its large grip size of 4 ½ inches won’t disappoint you.


  • Good flexibility of the frame
  • High-quality synthetic gut material
  • Provides the solid feel on the sweet spot


  • Low tension strings hence less power

HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Pro

If you wish to be in fine grip control of your groundstrokes and volleys then the HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Profits you at the intermediate level. The carefully thought features fit an advancing intermediate player. For example, it features a closed string pattern of 18 x 20. And do you know what that gives you? You can then make heavy hits without any fear since the many crosses on the bed will withstand the force. Besides even if you are a regular player the thick crosses extend your racket’s lifespan.

Also, it offers a midplus head size of 100sq inches that combines with a large sweet spot. And best of all it has a lightweight of 10.9ounces and a length of 27inches. Therefore even when you decide to move deep into the court, this racket still guarantees you optimum control. To further back up the lightweight for improved maneuverability, it is also designed with a narrow frame.

The handle of the racket uses the graphene technology and provides a good grip to the size of 4 3/8 inches.


  • Arms friendly playing experience
  • Lightweight
  • Minimizes vibrations
  • Gives better dampening and its easier on the arms
  • Good control of the ball


  • Not the best choice for intermediate players graduating to advanced level

Wilson Ultra 100L

For a slightly experienced intermediate player, this time Wilson provides the racket that is sure to improve your game. To support improved control of the ball this racket features the midplus size of 100sqinches. That also means a slightly large sweet spot. To the player who is passed the beginner stage, you shouldn’t make many off hits with the Wilson Ultra 100L.

Overall it attracts the weight of 10 ounces when unstrung. The 10 weight has been distributed in such a way as to provide a 3 point head light racket. But despite such a design, its performance mimics that of the slightly heavy racquet.

The Ultra 100L only weighs around 10.3 ounces (strung) and is 3 points head light, but performs like a slightly heavier racket frame. To that player who seeks to make deep groundstrokes, the 7inches racket length gives you leverage in reaching out for the ball.

The Ultra 100L only weighs around 10 ounces (unstrung) and is 3 points headlight, but performs like a slightly heavier frame. Besides its handle size of 4 3/8 should fit many men and women.


  • Easy reach of the ball
  • Lightweight; 9.8oz when unstrung
  • Good control even on doubles
  • Supports incredible spins


  • Not the ideal racket for the seasoned advanced players

HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme MP

From the dash of yellow color on the frame, the HEAD Graphene extreme PL racquet looks attractive. But besides that, it is equipped with standardized features to suit the smooth play. For example, it presents the length of 27 inches which negates the need to strain when reaching out for groundstrokes. Also, the grip size is 4 ¼ inches.

This racquet thrives in two features it accords the player much power to make heavy hits and great spins. When compared to its Pro version, the extreme MP is lighter. Its 100sq inches, mid plus size have a fairly large sweet spot. The hoop features the graphene technology at a strategic point to make it the stable racquet.

Although it has a strung weight of 11.1ounces, most of the weight has been distributed on the handle thus making the head lighter. As for the string bed, it has the 16 x 19 string arrangement. That provides the high boost of power in each shot.


  • Supports fast swings
  • Makes great spins
  • Has a stable hoop
  • Feels comfortable and flexible


  • Not the best for the tennis beginner player

Babolat 2018 Pure Drive

This racquet has all the features that a stronger intermediate player wishing to graduate to the advanced stage looks for. The distinguishing feature on this Babolat pure drive is that it employs a unique soft SMAC shock-absorbing material infused into the power. Besides it also tap on the FSI string pattern technology with an open bed of 16 x 19. When you combine that with the diamond grommets, you realize it’s the racket that excels in power and spin

From its 100sq inches head size and 4 points head light balance, it supports great swings, thus it’s the racquet that you can use at any position within the court. The blue-painted racquet has the quality Babolat synthetic string that has been supervised and ratified by USRSA Certified Master Racquet Technician. This power and spin geared racquet have comfortable at the grip size of 4 ¼ thus suiting the small size ladies.


  • Employs the Babolat synthetic gut string
  • Perfect for stronger intermediate players
  • Blue racquet looks stylish
  • Supports comfortable play


  • Come pre-strung but string tension can be improved

Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Black Federer Autograph Tennis Racquet

Are you that intermediate player who has outgrown the beginner’s level and wants to play as the pro do? Then the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Black Federer Autograph Tennis Racquet is the equipment to own and reaps precision. From the midsize head size design of 97 square inches, it gives the picture of tennis equipment for the seasoned player. Such a design provides for accurate serves and return of the ball.

Despite weighing 12.5 ounces, its 12 points head balance. With the balance point away from your handle, this racquet requires little effort to swing and provide the whipping hit at the ball. Using the 4G Luxilon quality string, the racket’s performance boasts good control, high precision with less tension loss experienced by the polyester strings. Besides its string bed of 16 x 19 further boosts its power capability.

At the handle, the pro racquet features a classic leather grip that efficiently blends with the braided graphite composition. For the lady or the man with smaller hands, the 4 ¼ grip handle provided by this racket is adequate.


  • Helps in giving accurate shots
  • Uses the 4G Luxilon top-quality strings
  • Good string tension
  • Provides fast swing speed


  • Relatively heavy for some players

Babolat-Pure Strike 16/19

From a renowned brand, this racquet features a thin beamed frame with a striking silver/orange color. For that player who wants to set distinguishing playing pace and thus take the lead, Babolat-Pure Strike supports you. The racquet stick of length 27 inches has been designed with precise measurements and with each shot on the ball it produces higher spin.

With its graphite composition that feels soft and easier to the arms, it becomes the adoration of every intermediate player; thanks to the Babolat skin feel grip type. Its head size of 98sq inches reflects the taste of a player who has mastered accurate hits from the sweet spot. To boost the power in every shot, this racquet employs the woofer dynamic string system. That results in a higher trampoline effect on hits and improved shock absorption.

Its frame construction integrates both elliptical and square shapes thus resulting in balanced precision, feel, responsive and greater spin. The racquet uses 16 gauge synthetic gut string with a string bed of 16 x 19 with a tension of 50 to 59.


  • Thrives in precision and high spin capability
  • Comes pre-strung
  • Available in an array of colors
  • Ideal for stable volleys


  • Has no tennis case

Prince Textreme Tour 95 (2015)

One of the strong reasons to choose the Prince Textreme Tour 95 (2015) for the intermediate players is its high precision. Equipped with a midsize racquet size of 95sq inches, this tennis equipment allows you to plow through with amazing accuracy. Besides, using the Textreme technology this racquet minimizes the vibrations reaching your arms.

Since it is a little bit heavier at 11.8oz, it might take time to get used to it. However, the weight distribution puts more mass on the handle than the head thus making it 8 points headlight with the balance point at 12.47 inches from the handle. With such a balance, the Prince Textreme Tour 95 (2015) is arm friendly. Thus even when you suffer a painful arm, this racquet is the one to go for.

Considering its standard length of 27 inches and an open string balance of 16 x 19, it offers good response and easy reach of the ball. But ultimately it’s the blend of heavyweight, fast swings and a flexible body this, the best tennis racquet for intermediate players.


  • Very flexible
  • Offers high precision
  • Enhanced control and feel
  • Ideal for making heavy hits


  • Adjusting to its weight may require some time

HEAD Micro Gel Radical OS

The HEAD Micro Gel Radical OS is an oversize racquet head sized of measurement 107sq inches. With such a big head, at the slight hit of the ball, it injects the average amount of power resulting in greater propulsion. During the impact with the ball, the head micro gel dispenses the impact load across the entire frame and therefore resulting in a rock-solid feeling.

Even its open string bed of 16 x 19 gives greater string response. Added to its unstrung lightweight of 10.4 ounces, this racquet is excellent for an intermediate player who has just graduated from the beginner’s stage. Such a player still enjoys the large sweet spot provided by the oversize racquet. As for the frame construction, it feels somehow soft with a tension of 57 and not like the steel stiff feeling. As such it’s the racquet that won’t cause you tennis elbow.


  • Large sweet spot
  • Flexible frame
  • Decent power
  • Arm friendly; no tennis elbow problem


  • Not so powerful as the beginner’s racquet

 Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail

Tapping from the efficiency of the countervail technology; the Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail presents a superior dampening effect. Its frame composition is a mixture of carbon and the special material with a higher potential of reducing vibrations.

From the thick and stiff frame, it provides a responsive feel to the player. Its head size measures 100sq inches and therefore has a large sweet spot. Such a size suits it to the intermediate player who is looking forward to advancing to the professional level. The entire strung racquet weighs 11.2 ounces and features a thicker beam. The string bed is 16 x 19 and added to the fact that it is 4 points head light it thus provides good control of the ball.

Unlike its predecessor, the Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail racquet feels smoother and more comfortable. It also features a grip size of 4 1/8 inches.


  • Comfortable and smooth feel
  • Causes no tennis elbow discomfort
  • Offers large sweet spot and thus forgiving


  • The package doesn’t include tennis case

How to Choose the Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

Swing type

Tennis beginner majors on a racquet that is more forgiving and provides more power. As an intermediate, you are past that but your concern should be getting a racquet that provides more touch and feel of the game. In other words, your control of the game is your focus.

If you are mastering, and hence needs to sharpen swift, longer swings then you need the smaller head-sized racquets. Being able to make faster swings implies that you don’t require much assistance in generating your power. Consequently, a racquet with a head size of 105sq inches or below fits you.

Otherwise, if you are capable of only short swings then choose the racquet with a head size of 105 to 110sq inches.

Balance of power and control

At the intermediate level, maybe you can make better shots and swings that propel the ball from the baseline, cross the net to reach deep into the court. Therefore you need the racquet that can help you horn these skills and thus be consistent. Therefore, in choosing the best racquet for intermediate players, you have to strike the right balance between the weight and the size of the racquet. Generally the bigger the frame racquet, the higher the power it generates. The smaller the surface area it possesses the less power it generates but with improved control.

If you are an adult who is physically fit and has mastered good control then a racquet of size 100 to 104sq inches with a weight of 10.1ounce to 10.5 ounces. Such a blend strikes the right balance between power and control in your game. However, most small-bodied ladies and teens aren’t as strong physically as the average adult men. Such persons are better placed with racquets of larger heads like 105sq inches and above at the weight of 10.1 ounces. Heavier racquets are certain to cause table tennis.

Game type; doubles or singles

The type of game you play in the court also influences the type of racquet to own. The design of racquets, that suit singles are far different from those used for doubles. For players stationed at the baseline and majorly make groundstrokes, a racquet’s mobility shouldn’t be an issue. Consequently, such intermediate players are better placed with large sweet spot racquets and generate more power too.

Otherwise doubles players get to the net and thus require more flexible racquets. That is because as the game intensifies, you’ll need to pace here and there. During such times a heavy racquet will be a burden. So go for the racquets of size 104 and below. That should ease your placing on the volley and mobility too.

String pattern

The string pattern affects the power provided by a racquet and the controllability of the game. An open string pattern of 16 x 19 has large spaces and thus maintains a leading edge in providing propelling fore. The closed pattern of 18 x 20, on the other hand, is ideal if you want to take control of your shots. With that said, as an intermediate player, if you need the higher topspin capability, then the open string pattern of 16 x 20 is the racket to choose from. But for an all-round player or someone who needs a fine grip in control of the shot, then a closed string bed of 18 x 20 is ideal.

Grip size and material

As a seasoned player most probably you will be playing for a longer period. So you need the racket handle that feels comfortable. So chose the racquet that provides a good comfortable grip. An ill-fitting grip like a small one isn’t right as it will reflect more pressure on your elbow and wrist. That eventually leads to fatigue and discomfort. The best thing to do is to use either the ruler or the index finger test to know your grip size. Then buy the tennis racquet that corresponds to that size. You will never go wrong.

Having a firm grip on your racquet is especially important when playing against a tough opponent. To tackle the heavy hits from such an opponent, a racquet that feels just

Tennis racquet length

Even though tennis varies in size, the average length stands at 27 inches. Thus for the average man or woman, that length is sufficient to provide optimum play. However, it is also permitted to deviate by half an inch from the 27inch standard measurement. Although it might be tempting to go for a longer racquet like 29 inches, it would cause some challenges. The difficulty in maneuvering such a tennis racket counteracts its benefits.

Frame stiffness

Tennis racquets differ in stiffness from 50 to way up to 85. At the same time, a racquet’s stiffness dictates its feel of the ball too. But on average the best tennis racquet for an intermediate player, most agreed on my manufacturers and top players range between 60 to85. A stiffer frame of 63 and below isn’t fit as it registers many vibrations to the arms.


From the above list of the best tennis racquets for intermediate players, you will get what suits your style of play. But if spoilt of choice, use the guide to help you make the best selection. For instance, it will assist you to choose the correct racquet head and grip size. Do you play doubles or singles or both? Then you need to own the racquet that corresponds to your style of play. So which is your favorite racquet that gives you smooth play and control of the ball? Don’t feel shy to share it with us!

Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players Review