May 24,2008 Hello everybody! Today was my full first day in Paris, and the city is as beautiful as I expected it to be. The people here are extremely friendly and I have been treated exceptionally well by the numerous people running the tournament. I got a real good practice session in today with Jonas Bjorkman. My coach Brandon Wagner was on the court with me the whole time as we worked on certain things that I will use in my gameplan tomorrow when I take on Juan Ignacio Chela. I am the 4th match up on court #6. Matches start at 11 am Paris time which is 5 am eastcoast time in the states. I am assuming I will go on sometime around 5 pm Paris time, which will be 11 am east coast time. My mom and dad arrived today early this morning and it was great to see both of them. It’s always a bonus to have my family here for there support especially in a foreign country. Unfortunately my older brother Jordan wasn’t able to make the trip over here, but I am expecting him to be at Wimbledon with me. It’s a ton of fun when Jordan travels with me because all we do is crack jokes and make fun of each other, which is a good way to take my mind off of tennis when I am off the court. Anyways gotta go! Wish me luck tomorrow! I will be writing a blog everyday while I am in Paris to keep all of my fans updated on my results and everything else that I am doing while in France. John Isner


Amy Bryson (Ross) said:

Congrats John! We will be watching you tomorrow and hoping the best for you. Mom and her sister are trying to make it to London to see you in Wimbledon. Best of luck this weekend, although luck is the last thing you need. Solid gold talent!

judith martin said:

hey john good luck tomorrow…i will be awake at 5am and hope to see you play i was at the ncaa in ga last year and have been

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