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General Questions

Who has been your toughest opponent to date?

Roger Federer by far. He is so talented and quick. After that first set, I just couldn’t get anything going. He is really unbelievable.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

Definitely when my teammates and I won the NCAAs. It was a goal we had for a very long time and after coming so close the year before we really wanted it. We worked hard the whole year and were able to go undefeated, win the National Indoors and our conference. And playing at home in Athens is something I will never forget – it was really special.

What has been your hardest tournament to date?

Probably the Legg Mason because I played so many tie breakers!

I was wondering if you had the chance to play one of the greatest tennis players in the world (alive or dead) who would they be and why?

Submitted by Kara Patin, San Francisco, California

Probaly Roger Federer, and I was fortunate to play him at the 2007 US Open. There are so many other tennis players I wish I would of had the chance to play against such as McEnroe, Connors, Arthur Ashe, Agassi, Sampras, Courier and so many more.

Obviously the U.S. did fantastic in winning the Davis Cup last year and it was a big win at home. Do you have any aspirations to represent the US and do you think you will get the chance to play in a tie the near future?

Submitted by Matt Fitzgerald, Stetson University

I was fortunate to be a hitting partner for the 2007 U.S. Davis Cup team. Just being there in Portland when we won the Davis Cup was an awesome experience for me. Hopefully my ranking will keep on climbing and one day I can play for Patrick McEnroe and represent the United States on the Davis Cup Team. It would be a dream come true!

What was your best memory from playing at the University of Georgia?

Submitted by Bryan Blaustein, Alpharetta Georgia

Definitely winning the NCAA team title my senior year! Go Dawgs!

What was your favorite memory from playing at the University of Georgia?

Submitted by Bryan Blaustein, Alpharetta Georgia

I had so many great memories at the University of Georgia. But Without a doubt winning the NCAA team title my senior year in front of my home crowd was my best and greatest memory fom UGA. I left Athens, Ga with nothing but great memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Hey John, When you look at a draw, is there anyone that you get excited about playing or that you know you have a good chance against? Also, I’ve read that you pull pranks alot, do you have any good ones to share?

Submitted by Katelyn Mateer, Middletown, PA

I got real excited about playing against Roger Federer at the U.S. Open on Arthur Ashe Stadium this past year. In my opinion, he is the best player ever to play the game! If things go right at the Australia Open and I am able to beat the very tricky and very talented Fabrice Santoro in the 1st round and Roger wins his 1st match then I will get a second chance at Federer. I hope that things do go right for me in Australia. To answer the second part of your question, I feel I have a good chance against anyboby out there. That is just the mindset that I have and must have in order to be successful on the pro tour. Yeah I am known for playing alot of pranks on my friends and I have so much fun doing so. Playing pranks is a good way to get my mind off tennis during all the down time that you get while at tournaments. While at Georgia Bo Hodge and I would play alot of planks on our team trainer. We once dipped his toothbrush in hot red pepper sauce. My very best pranks that I have pulled probaly aren’t appropriate to share with others. But I have pulled some really good ones!!!!!!

what is your favorite sport other than tennis?

Submitted by Laura S., Pittsburgh PA

My favorite sport other than tennis is football. I never played football( I don’t exactly have the best body type for football), but that is my favorite sport to watch and follow. I am pretty much a fan of every sport, I just love competition. I play alot of golf in my sparetime and I played AAU Basketball until the age of 14.

hey man, i got a question bout your serving and volleying. What did you do to became as good at it as you are now. I am about top 100 in the south and want to become a serve and volley player because my coaches tell me i have good hands and solid volleys but they arent as good as they need to be. I already have a big serve, but i want to know how to develop my volley’s. What did you do to develop yours?

Submitted by Stephen Dunn, Raleigh, North Carolina

Practice Practice Practice!! The more you work on that part of your game the better you will get at serving and volleying. I would work on alot of reaction drlls, just have your coach feed you balls while you are at the net as quickly as he can possibly feed them at you. Also do not be afraid or hesitant while you are at the net, don’t worry about getting drilled by a tennis ball. I have been nailed plenty of times while at the net, it will only make you tougher! Most importantly, work on your footwork!! Footwork is the most overlooked part of the game of tennis. I know that you are probaly tired of hearing your coaches telling you to stay on your toes, but improving your footwork is the quickest way to improve the serve and volley part of your game! I see that you are from Raleigh and my coach in the juniors, Oscar Blacutt, now teaches in Raleigh. He was real good at developing my serve and volley game.

Do you think you will be coming to the Memphis tourny by any chance?

Submitted by Philip Hammond, Brookhaven, Mississippi

Yes I will be coming to the tournament in Memphis. I was just awarded a wildcard into the maindraw. I am really looking forward to that tourney, it’s been a while since I have made a trip to Memphis. I am really excited about eating some of that good barbeque!

Do you get nervous before you play your matches and if so, what do you do to get rid of the butterflies?

Submitted by Kelly Jones, Macon, GA

I get a little nervous before matches but after I play the first couple of games my nerves usually calm down a little bit. I think it is good to have some nerves during a match because I think it helps to keep you focused throughout a match. I do not put much pressure on myself during matches and that helps to get rid of some of the butterflies. It is just a tennis match- not a life or death situation.- If you go into a match and just have fun and not take it way too seriously you will have better results.

Hey John, I ballboyed your match against Haas at Legg Mason and I remember your reaction. How did that win feel?

Submitted by Griffin McDermott, Alexandria, Virginia

That win felt awesome, the way in which I won in a 3rd set tiebreaker made it even more special. Not to mention I blew a match point in the second set tiebreaker. Being able to put that behind me and go on to win that match was a great feeling and a great boost to my confidence! That was a great tournament, all the ball boys and girls did a fabulous job!!

Hey John, I am wondering if you plan to play for USA in this year’s Olympic Games in Beijing? I know each country can only have 6 players and there are many good players in America. But is the Olympic game one of your goal this year? How confident are you to be able to qualify for the US Olympic Team. BTW, I am a bulldawg too and I will go to China to watch the Olympics. If you can make it, I will cheer for you in the stadium with the stars-stripes flag and the big G flag!!

Submitted by JJ, Atlanta, GA

I hope I will get asked to play in the Olympic games this year. I am not sure what the selection process is. But playing in the Olympic games is definitely one of my many goals this year. If I do make it to Beijing I will be counting on you being there and cheering for me and the rest of the United States players. Thanks for submitting your question JJ!

with Ivo as your partner, you’ve got the lobs covered but who’s going to cover the net skimmers? In your travels, do you have difficulty finding beds that are long enough? Best wishes for good health and few unforced errors.

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